Mobile Tech in the UAE – Which Country Uses 5G Networks?

1 Mar 2019

Mobile Tech in the UAE - Which Country Uses 5G Networks?

Imagine a world where family and friends thousands of kilometers away from each other can experience the same world from a virtual perspective. Fifth generation connectivity (5G connectivity) is poised to be a game changer, surpassing both 4G and LTE mobile technology. Around the world, telecommunications giants are racing at epic speeds to expedite the […]

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Reliable Disaster Recovery Dubai Service

26 Aug 2018

Keep Your Business Up and Running Even When Disaster Strikes. Business Alert! Do you have a disaster recovery plan? If not, then it’s time that you should before disaster strikes. Statistics show that: Unplanned downtime can cost a business between $926 and $17,244 per minute (now you can imagine how much it will cost in […]

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Leading Reasons to Outsource IT

2 Jul 2018

Leading Reasons to Outsource IT through Managed Services Benefits are instantaneous when you outsource IT services through Managed Services.  Control IT Costs When you contract out your IT needs, your fixed costs turn into variable costs – the only time you pay for IT costs are when services are required.  Reduce Labour Costs Costs of […]

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Why Outsource your IT Management?

20 Jun 2018

Thanks to digital technology, a business’s IT needs now grow faster than ever. It may even come to a point when their IT needs are more than what the business’s resources can handle. It can be difficult to manage the costs you have to incur to meet those needs while you are also trying to […]

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Why Should you Look into an IT Consultant?

15 Jun 2018

In this digital world, a business has to maximise what technology has to offer it for it to become more competitive. However, since technology tends to be expensive, a company must be smart and must use cost-effective means to improve its IT functions. And the truth of the matter is that maintaining a full-time IT […]

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Innovation in the Middle East

1 Sep 2017


The Middle East as a region is finally taking its rightful place on the global stage by investing in, and unveiling technological advances that change the world around us. Middle Eastern governments and companies have recognised the great potential that disruption has brought about in all areas, which can improve our lives through efficiency, ease of use and boosts in productivity. Here, I look at five exciting concepts that are being pioneer.

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