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Why You Need an AMC IT Contract

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On: 17 Dec 2016
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In today’s competitive climate, quality IT performance is a key factor for organisational success. A quality output from your IT infrastructure depends on reliable performance. System maintenance is essential to maintaining optimal repeat performance, and optimal system performance is essential to your operations. This is where the Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) can help! The AMC, commonly called a Service Contract, is designed to keep your IT infrastructure in tip‐top shape so that your business can operate at the highest levels functionality. What are the Benefits of an AMC Contract? The AMC is custom-tailored to meet the specific needs of your business. Designed to manage and save costs without compromising quality, your AMC will enhance business operations and productivity using the right software tools and solutions. Your service provider will provide you with a list of services that will be carried out/monitored during the duration of your service contract. What’s Included in an AMC? Every AMC is custom built for the individual client. Different types of AMC include comprehensive maintenance/labour AMC, or labour only AMC services. Each client will consult with their service provider to determine a fixed amount of services, based on their organisational needs and requirements. However, most AMC’s include the following services:




● IT Network Reports: Provide mass communications to the client's user community regarding IT related events (i.e. scheduled outages, virus alerts, etc.).

● Status Reports: Provide regular situation reports to the client. These status reports include Helpdesk ticket counts, incident report summaries, and network statistics. Status reports assist management in evaluating the overall health of the collective IT network.

● Resolution of Inquiries: The AMC can provide a wide range of support services to include password resets, computer freezes/crashes, weak computer performance, network access issues, E-mail issues, virus issues, Network Connectivity Issues (i.e. cannot connect to network), and problems with approved

● software (i.e. Microsoft suite).

● Inventory Management: Routine inventory of a client's IT equipment provides the client with a 'real time' snapshot of the organisation's IT resources (including, computers, phones, printers, cables, external drives, etc.).

● Equipment Management: Support teams will transfer, connect and examine IT equipment within the client's facility.

● System Configuration: Configures all new IT equipment, to include laptops, desktops, and printers.

The AMC service provider configures these machines in accordance the federal/Agency specifications. AMC On-site Support Systems Management An AMC can include on-site support and phone support from desktop and server operating systems. They also offer this support for a wide range of hardware concerns. When you call your service provider, they assign you with an experienced technician who will provide you with an 'end-to-end' resolution for your problem. Your assigned technician will assess your problem and recommend a course of action. AMC Off-site and Remote Systems Management For fast, efficient, cost-effective support, your AMC can include systems and procedures to manage your company's IT systems remotely. Through remote monitoring, problems can be fixed immediately with minimum impact or interruption to your daily business. Many tasks can be performed remotely to include security checks, network operations and monitoring, maintenance of user accounts and permissions, and more. The advantages of enlisting the services of an AMC are exponential. AMC services save the client from the potential costs associated with unexpected maintenance and repair. Additionally, the AMC also provides the client with the effective advantage of scheduling maintenance and repair services at regular intervals of time to avoid problems down the road. Your AMC will keep your IT infrastructure running at peak performance levels so that your organisation can function at maximum capacity

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