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The cryptocurrency industry continues to crank out creative financial mechanisms that provide new opportunities for investors, especially ones who have made themselves technically savvy. These various technologies comprise the evolving DeFi (decentralized finance) industry.

If you haven’t already, now would be a good time to familiarize yourself intimately with the workings of a blockchain, distributed ledgers, and some of the ways that cryptocurrencies, with their myriad purposes and functions, are challenging the status quo of banks, lending institutions, investments, and finance in general.

One revolutionary element of the DeFi industry is the recent launching of rewards tokens. Rewards tokens provide rewards to the holders of a reflective or rebase cryptocurrency. They allow holders to earn passive income on their crypto investments.

One of these kinds of breakthrough tokens that has demonstrated remarkable potential is SAFUU. SAFUU (an acronym for Sustainable Asset Fund for Universal Users) was created by an Australian entrepreneur named Bryan Legend, and released March 1, 2022. Legend has built a team of developers, marketers, and other crypto and IT experts to launch SAFUU.

SAFUU is a smart contract project that was deployed on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain, Binance’s innovative blockchain that supports tokens that implement smart contracts.

During the first two months of its launch, SAFUU yielded for early holders of the token a record-setting 383,025.80% APY return. That yield was more than double the returns coming from the two closest alternatives to SAFUU, Titano (102,483% APY) and Libero (158,893% APY). SAFUU gives investors the opportunity to take full advantage of the power of compounding interest to grow their principal exponentially as interest is added to the original principal amount by rebasing every 15 minutes, a period of time referred to as an ‘Epoch’ in the SAFUU ecosystem.

Needless to say, those kinds of results over an extended period have attracted the attention of the crypto world, and there are projects and technologies associated with SAFUU that deserve a closer look.

This article will walk you through some of the critical details pertaining to this SAFUU that you should know in order to determine whether SAFUU is a crypto that you should hold in your own portfolio.

SAFUU Auto-staking Protocol (SAP)

The innovative auto-staking protocol, named SAFUU Auto-Staking Protocol or SAP, invented for use in the SAFUU ecosystem is at the heart of the network’s competitive advantage. The efficiencies built into SAP allow investors to maximize their investment potential by using SAFUU in a buy-hold-earn crypto strategy.

The Safuu protocol smart contract was written from scratch by its development team as opposed to being forked from another crypto. Other mechanisms used in SAFUU, while built using concepts drawn from previously existing technologies, are proprietary implementations that include new innovation in their creation.

SAFUU Earning Potential

SAFUU crypto holders are paid interest that is compounded and paid out four times each hour. An example of what this means in terms of investment potential is best done by considering an example.

Suppose you invest $1,000 into purchasing $SAFUU, the native token of the SAFUU protocol, which is used to pay out interest rebase rewards.

Every fifteen minutes that an investor holds $SAFUU, a reward of 0.02355% in that token is paid out to the holder. With the auto-compounding feature turned on perpetually, that small percentage quickly builds itself into an APY that is over 300,000%.

Longterm Interest

Beyond the twelve months, where SAFUU holders earn 0.02355% interest on their capital per Epoch, the following six months yield 0.00211% per Epoch. For the next six and a half years after the initial 18 months, the yield is 0.00014% per Epoch. Holding tokens beyond eight years will continue to generate for them 0.00002% interest until the maximum supply of Epoch has been reached. This longterm interest cycle (LIC) makes SAFUU attractive for investors beyond just the initial 12 month period and induces them to hold long-term.

SAFUU Investment Risk Mitigation Mechanisms

With the highest fixed APY in the DeFi industry, there is naturally risk involved in investing money into SAFUU. To mitigate the risk, the SAFUU project has built into the network two safeguards: the SAFUU Insurance Fund, and the SAFUU Treasury.

SAFUU Insurance Fund (SIF)

The SAFUU Insurance Fund stores 5% of all trading fees (incurred when buying or selling $SAFUU token) incurred by SAFUU investors. The SIF, which exists in a separate wallet in the SAP network, is a parameter that factors into the rebasing algorithm to stabilize the published SAFUU interest rate

SAFUU Treasury

In addition to the SIF, SAFUU uses a treasury to support its protocol and mission. By itself, the SIF is still susceptible to extreme price drops. The SAFUU Treasury is used to create a minimum (floor) value for the $SAFUU token.

2.5% of order fees from buyers purchasing $SAFUU crypto tokens go directly into the SAFUU Treasury, as do 4.5% of fees associated with selling $SAFUU tokens

Besides serving as risk mitigation failsafe for SAFUU, the SAFUU Treasury is also used to fund projects and marketing efforts.

The Fire Pit Token Burning

SAFUU’s mechanism for keeping circulating supply from becoming unmanageable is called The Fire Pit. 2.5% of $SAFUU token that is traded is automatically sent to a burn address. As more tokens are burned, SAFUU’s auto-compounding feature is stabilized, creating more certainty in the system to fulfill its objective of passive interest for investors who hold tokens.

SAFUU Auto-Liquidity Engine (SALE)

The SAFUU system also has a built-in auto-liquidity feature that is designed to facilitate the ability to buy and sell $SAFUU tokens on PancakeSwap, the Binance Smart Chain dentralized exchange (DEX) where $SAFUU tokens are traded.

Buy and sell orders of the $SAFUU token are charged a 4% tax fee. Some of that amount is stored in a wallet that is used, through a smart contract mechanism, to buy the cryptocurrency required to maintain liquidity on PancakeSwap (the BNB token), while some of the tax is reserved to keep the required 50/50 balance ratio of SAFUU/BNB so that liquidity is maintained in for the token. This injection of liquidity into the market takes place every 48 hours and has the effect of preventing market slippage for $SAFUU owners who want to sell their tokens.

Solidity Finance Audit

A third factor that mitigates the risk involved with investing in the SAFUU network is that its codebase on GitHub was audited as a BEP20 token by Solidity Finance. Results of that audit can be reviewed by any investor interested in purchasing $SAFUU token.

Competitive Advantages of SAFUU Over Other Rewards Tokens

The value and potential of SAFUU are more easily understood when the token is compared to two of its closest competitors: Titano and Libero. While both of those tokens had a jump start on SAFUU and have existed slightly longer, there are clear advantages to choosing SAFUU over them. Following are a few of the most important of SAFUU’s competitive advantages.

High APY

As mentioned previously, SAFUU’s APY is more than twice that of each of its closest competitors.

Trading Fees

SAFUU’s trading fees are lower for both buying and selling than Libero’s. Compared to Titano, SAFUU’s total fees are also lower: 14% for buying and 16% for selling, versus 13% and 18% respectively.

Automatic Burn

Safuu’s auto-burn feature (The Fire Pit), a risk mitigation factor for investors as mentioned previously, makes it more attractive than Titano and Libero, neither of which incorporate auto-burn into their tokens.

Sustainable Rebasing

SAFUU’s rebasing algorithm is built with smart contract features that make it sustainable, while Titano and Libero do not have such sustainability in their rebasing methods. The rebasing algorithm of SAFUU is uniquely built into its smart contracts.

SAFUU Insurance Fund

SAFUU’s incorporation of an insurance fund (SIF) is a unique aspect of its crypto system. Titano and Libero don’t have any such insurance mechanism. This advantage make SAFUU more attractive to investors who want to limit their risk while receiving high yields.


The SALE feature explained above is a unique auto-liquidity feature found with SAFUU. Neither Titano nor Libero uses auto-liquidity to stabilize their crypto pools.

SAFUU Marketing Projects

Marketing efforts are imperative for crypto projects, as increased demand for a token creates stability and opportunity for a token or coin. SAFUU’s marketing team was hand-picked to ensure that the SAFUU project gets attention through the most efficient marketing channels proven to be effective in the crypto industry.

As mentioned earlier, the SAFUU Treasury funds new projects, including marketing efforts intended to attract new investors to the SAFUU network: SAFUU Racing and SAFUU Airline.

SAFUU Racing

SAFUU sponsors two drivers who compete in the British Touring Car Championship: Aron Taylor-Smith and Nic Hamilton. Both are well-known, accomplished drivers whose sponsorship by SAFUU will help the token gain notoriety.

Races and results for these two SAFUU-sponsored race car drivers can be found on the website.

SAFUU Airline

In April of 2022, SAFUU announced the Safuu Airlines Discovery initiative, with a target date of November 2023 for launching international flight services, with several destination locations within Australia as well as international locations that include the western United States, India, and several international locations in the vicinity of Australia.

To mark its commitment to the success of the airline, SAFUU re-purchased $500,000 USD worth of $SAFUU from investors one day after announcing the airline initiative.

SAFUU Roadmap

Providing a roadmap is a clear way for crypto networks to communicate expectations to their community. SAFUU’s roadmap includes specific, clear objectives that can be used a checklist to monitor success and plan for future expectations.

SAFUU kept pace with its 2022 roadmap items, including deploying that token with the innovative features described above coded into the protocol and feature set. Other significant achievements on the 2022 roadmap include:

  • getting listed on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko
  • creating strategic partner
  • developing social media accounts and gaining significant followings on Twitter, YouTube, and elsewhere
  • attracting over 100,000 token holders
  • achieving a market cap in excess of 100 million USD
  • acquiring a racing team (Safuu Racing) for marketing purposes
  • completing the conception phase for Safuu Airline
  • completing the initial phase of Safuu Blockchain

The SAFUU roadmap continues through 2025 and lays out several lofty ambitions for this rebase token, including some of the milestones listed below.

In 2023:

  • Establish a headquarters on Satoshi Island
  • Develop a mobile app for trading Safuu on iOS and Android
  • Deploy a Safuu decentralized exchange (SafuuX)
  • Expand the Safuu blockchain to become a complete DeFi multi-chain solution
  • Grow to 1 million token holders

In 2024:

  • Expand the Safuu Racing team to be part of Formula 1 by 2024
  • Sponsoring events to be held on Satoshi Island
  • Begin flights with Safuu Air by 2024
  • Expand the SAFUU Blockchain network
  • Grow to 5 million holders of the $SAFUU token and SafuuX

In 2025:

  • Aggressively increasing marketshare, including moving into the top 50 in market capitalization, then into the top 10, and ultimately up to the top 3
  • Expand to 10 million holders of Safuu and SafuuX
  • Overtake Ethereum in market capitalization by
  • Attain the status of being the world’s leading altcoin


Safuu’s innovative auto-staking protocol, its aggressive yield along with its risk mitigation safeguards make it very appealing to crypto investors.

Safuu has robust tokenomics, having addressed thoroughly challenges that tend to hinder or cripple cryptocurrencies. The combination of such a high yield for holders of the token (especially during the first 12 months) together with the commitment made by the Safuu team to reduce the risk to investors seem to give Safuu advantages that should allow it to see its roadmap fulfilled.

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