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Timpi Collector Beta has Launched! TO THE MOOOOOON!!

Timpi Collector on Win10_21H2_English_x64 (Windows 10 Pro)


Download TIMPI Setup from the discord group.

This is the Windows installer of the Collector. Everyone who is part of the first group can download and install this version. The Linux version will come soon as well.

Also, the GeoCore will be online in the next 48-72 hours due to DNS record changes that need to propagate first. So, for now the Collector will show that the GeoCore is offline. That is normal.

Windows Dependencies

You only used dotnet 6.0

X64 version:


Installation Process

**READ** You only need this for your private network. DO NOT USE PUBLIC NETWORK unless you know what you’re doing.

Please watch the video — Have fun Good Luck, and see you in discord group.

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