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6 Of Dubai’s Best Content Marketing Ideas

6 Of Dubai’s Best Content Marketing Ideas

Gone are the days when advertisements brought in customers. Content Marketing is the new mainstay now for building your brand. This is especially true in the tech-savvy climate of Dubai. Whether you are a well-established business or a newly minted startup, good content marketing is the key to increasing your outreach and attract more customers. Here are 6 of Dubai’s best content marketing ideas to help you hit the ground running.

Start a Blog

Every business knows to take advantage of social media for marketing. What many entrepreneurs neglect is the potential of a regularly updated blog.

A well-written blog goes a long way in building authority for your brand. While social media is about short and catchy posts, blogging is all about detailed long-form content that educates readers.

Moreover, once you start getting some good traffic, your blog’s rankings on search engines also rise. This improves the visibility and accessibility of your brand.

Be The Best Content Marketing in Dubai

Simply putting out content is not enough. For your content to attract eyeballs, it needs to add some value to its readers.

A good way is to think about your blog as an FAQ of sorts. Each post should address some important concerns or questions of your users, and provide answers that are actually helpful. By being relevant and informative, you ensure that your content is shared by users.

A big part of achieving this is proper research. Well researched posts are liked by readers and are more likely to show up in search results.

Make Use of Infographics

Everyone knows that images get shared far more than text posts on social media. But the problem is, not every kind of content can be captured by a photograph. What about things like statistics, or complex processes?

That is where infographics come in. An infographic is simply a visual representation of complicated data to explain a concept in a clean and concise manner. Better yet, infographics are easy to share for users, and truly useful infographics can quickly get viral.

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Incorporate User Generated Content

Content marketing does not have to be a one-way street. The best content marketing ideas in Dubai involve user-generated content as well.

People love it when their photos and experiences are shared by businesses. It makes them feel valued and promotes a sense of belonging with your brand.

Not only should you repost good content from your followers on social media, but also actively invite people to share their stories that relate to products or services in your niche. This encourages a vibrant conversation while also giving you plenty of content to work with for free.

Create Videos

You might think that videos are difficult to do and bring little results. That is definitely not true.

Today’s Millenials in Dubai are hooked to platforms like Instagram which are a hotbed for sharing small videos. These videos can be about anything, from answering common questions to offering expert advice.

As a business, you can also use videos to show off your latest products or simply introduce yourself and your brand.

Go Behind The Scenes

People love being told the inside stories of how businesses run. It helps build consumer trust, apart from providing content that cannot be found elsewhere on the internet.

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy; just give them a look at a day in the life of your company. You can interview your staff and owners to give a personal touch, and show people the inner workings of your business.

Instagram stories are an especially good way to test this kind of content, as the videos disappear automatically after 24 hours, allowing to try things out without risking anything.

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