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Alex Jenkins an IT Manager IT Consultant an all rounder cares about relationships after all, they’re the basis of all good business. Relationships, as you know, are paramount everywhere; here, and across the region. Knowing the right people can be the difference between completing a project on time and within budget, or significantly overrunning on price and time.

Alex Jenkins – Dubai’s Leading IT Consultant & Manager

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Alex Jenkins IT Manager & IT Consultant in Dubai, Alex Jenkins has over 15 years of experience in the IT sector, almost half of which has been in the United Arab Emirates. What I bring to your business is not only the skills and expertise that I’ve developed over my career but also the contacts you need to make sure your business is a success. And everyone needs a little success, don’t you think?

I’m about forging new connections and helping businesses become better; my own business, and that of my colleagues, wherever they might be.

I’ve worked with a range of companies, big, small, and in-between. Companies that cover virtually every industry in the UK, the UAE, MENA and South Africa and the contacts that I’ve developed have helped me become a success – and can help your business create the network it needs to be a success, too.

"My main obsession is solving desktop and server technology issues within service-critical environments, rapidly, efficiently, and professionally."


As the IT Manager, I was heavily involved in a global communication unification project and IT integration for the UAE. I managed the IT needs for the Dubai and Abu Dhabi offices and successfully relocated the IT infrastructure and IT services to the new Dubai office without any business interruption.


If you want to find out more about Alexander Jenkins and his experience then please contact him on +971(0)501894994 or via our contact form .

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Are you looking for IT Support In Dubai UAE. At Alex Jenkins IT Manager & IT Consultant in Dubai will help you to get best IT service, Alex Jenkins with 15 years of IT Support experience across multiple countries including, Dubai, Abu Dhabi & the UK. If you want to any IT Support Services In UAE, UK you can call us at +971(0)501894994. You can find us on Linkedin.