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A well-designed content marketing plan is one of the most proven long-term methods of engaging your audience, growing your brand, and driving more sales. Here’s what you can expect from regular business blogging.

Build your brand

Land More Sales With Professional Blog Management

Here’s how letting Alex Jenkins handle your content marketing needs will grow your business.

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Here’s what you can expect when you let Alex Jenkins take over your content marketing needs.

What Does Professional Blog Management?


Your assigned blog manager will perform in-depth keyword research to develop a topic schedule that is designed to rank well, engage visitors, and encourage shares. But you’ll always have the final say of what topics we write about.


Imagine if getting regularly scheduled blog content was completely hands-free. We will research, draft, edit, revise, and publish your content for you. On schedule, every time.


We know you’ll love the quality of our posts. Our writers are experienced professionals with the research and writing skills necessary to make your business stand out from the crowd. But if for any reason you aren’t absolutely enamoured with our content, you can request revisions free of charge.

Boost Your SEO and Increase Traffic

Proper blogging helps you rank for longtail keywords. These are low hanging fruit that makeup 70% of all search traffic. As you rank for more and more terms, you will see a steady trickle of traffic to your website that will gradually increase into a downpour.
Engaging posts can make your business go viral. People love to share quality content on social media. The more you publish, the more likely you are to see your brand shared far and wide by enthusiastic audiences.
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Close More Sales

A blog post is often the first step of the sales funnel. Many new customers will discover your company simply through your blog. It will be the first of many steps that eventually convert them into a sale.
Blogging provides a less salesy approach to sales. With professional blog management, you will provide real value to your target audience without looking like a used car salesman. That way, when they are ready to buy, you’ll be an easy choice.

Capture More Leads

Your blog establishes you in the industry. As more people come to see you as an authoritative source of quality information, they will recognise your company as the go-to source for whatever it is you specialise in.
A well-maintained blog improves your branding. Visitors are more likely to trust a business they can relate to. A blog allows you a chance to show off your company’s personality and make a personal connection with audiences.

Build Your Brand

Engage customers on their level. Your blog affords visitors a way to comment, like, and share your content that will establish your brand as personable and down-to-earth. Grow a following of regular readers. When you publish content on a predictable schedule, more and more people will become regular readers. They’ll slowly come to associate your expertise with your brand.

What Does Professional Blog Management look Like?

Here’s what you can expect …

How Can Blog Management Help Your Business!

A well-designed content marketing plan is one of the most proven long-term methods of engaging your audience, growing your brand, and driving more sales. Here’s what you can expect from regular business blogging.
our process

Blog Management Process


First, we’ll schedule a call with you to learn about your goals and expectations for regular content marketing.


Next, you’ll choose the best blog management plan for you. Whether that’s one post a month or three a week, we’ve got something for you.


At the beginning of each month, we’ll send you a list of suggested topics based on our thorough keyword research. You’ll choose the ones you want, and can even suggest your own if you have something particular in mind.


Once we’ve got the topics approved, our writers get to work under the guidance of your dedicated content manager.


Finally, your content manager will polish your posts to perfection and publish them directly to your blog for all the world to see.

Get The Perfect Content Published to Your Blog Starting at Just **** Per Post

Sign up for The SEO Tech’s professional blog management plans today and invest in your brand for tomorrow.

What Makes Us One Of The Best Content Writing Agencies in Dubai?

Still not convinced if you’re ready to turn your company blog over to a professional agency? Here are some of the reasons you can trust us with all your content needs.


SEO Blog Writing Services That Help You Rank

You might be wondering why you actually need a blog. After all, if you are running a simple local service business, will people really care about the articles you post?

The answer comes down to SEO: search engine optimization. You see, when a potential customer goes to Google looking for a plumber, roofer, electrician, or whatever sort of service you offer, the search engine has to determine which businesses to rank high in their results.

Who do you think the algorithm would choose to place on top, all other factors being equal? A website with tens of thousands of words of authoritative content, or a website with a poorly maintained blog? The answer is obvious, and that’s why our article writing services are aimed at giving your website an adrenaline shot of topical relevance that will put you ahead of your SEO competitors.

Capture More Traffic With Long Tail Keywords

Did you know that 70% of searches on the internet consist of long-tail keywords?

If you aren’t familiar, these are search terms that are typically longer in length and lower in competition. They are much more focused than shorter keywords and thus provide the perfect opportunity for blog post content.

For example, a user who needs to unclog their drain isn’t going to type “drains” into the search engine. They will type something like “how can I unclog my own drain?” or “what to do about a clogged drain”.

Since these are such long search terms, there will be many fewer websites who are focusing their content around them. If you have a blog that is built around long-tail keywords, you can quickly establish dominance in your industry and begin to attract a steady stream of new traffic to your site.

Copywriting Dubai Can Count On

Clients love our blog management service because they aren’t getting cheaply outsourced writing that is barely readable. We have an expert team of writers who are skilled in the most important aspects of SEO copywriting.

  • Expert research lets them write to any topic thoroughly.
  • Expert writing ensures that their message flows well.
  • Expert editing means that your brand won’t be embarrassed by lazy mistakes.
  • Expert sales technique ensures that every blog post is written to convert.
  • And expert SEO means that your posts will be primed to rank high and drive traffic.

Affordable Blog Writing Service Pricing That Doesn’t Sacrifice Quality

Quality work always comes with a higher price tag, but that doesn’t mean that our blog management services will break the bank. The SEO Tech aims to strike a balance between your budget and the high-quality content that your brand deserves.

SEO is a long term strategy, after all, so there is no need to spend your entire budget in your first month of blogging. Instead, we always suggest a strategy of drip-feeding content at regular intervals. This has the twofold benefit of both stretching your dollar efficiently and keeping your audience engaged for months on end.

Blog Management Done The Right Way

Your blog is meant to be a lasting source of revenue for your business. But all too often it becomes a source of frustration and anxiety.

You want to keep it updated with fresh content, but you just can’t spare the time.

You want to fill it with quality writing, but the freelancers you hire always manage to disappoint.

With professional blog management from me, those concerns are a thing of the past. Reach out today to talk to one of our blogging experts about how we can help you finally find success with your blog.


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