Alexander Ibrahim Jenkins

Clients Recommendations

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I’m are very proud of the comments that I have receive from my past clinets and colleagues

Tech and Privacy Lawyer

I worked with Alex at Bird & Bird, where he was the IT Manager. At the height of the pandemic, he helped ensure business continuity when our entire workforce started working remotely almost overnight. If you are dealing with sensitive data, rest assured that he will be on top of the latest developments in information security and will implement the necessary processes to safeguard your data and comply with the most stringent data privacy requirements and ISO/SOC standards. His technical expertise aside, he’s a really nice guy and always eager to help. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Alex again and I can’t recommend him highly enough!

Senior Rescourcing Manager

Alex Jenkins was the IT team leader at Clyde & Co and his team did a fair bit to help the Resourcing team mostly around international connections and VCs. Alex was always ensured that all ran smoothly and if not, he would find the source of the problem and look for a solution. Alex is very level-headed, ambitious and solutions-driven and I would recommend his work.

Gerneral Manager OP Integrated Lifestyle Centre

Our offices and front of house at our gym had a mixture of Macs and Windows PC’s. Alex Jenkins was able to get our front desk computers running in no time and suggested some additional software we could utilise to improve the efficiency of our machines. Alex has been available at any time of the day to offer support to us. When we had an issue with our website hosting, something which we do not use Computer Services currently, Alex offered to monitor our site to see if there were any further problems and even gave me a call after work hours to let me know about an issue that came up and helped me solve it. He more than goes the extra mile for us and we thoroughly appreciate the friendly, helpful advice from him and his team. We would certainly recommend Alex Jenkins and look forward to working with him again and would also recommend him to any company seeking a talented IT Engineer, IT Team Leader or IT manager.

I had the pleasure of working with Alexander Jenkins on setting up a completely new IT and communication systems in Audax. He took the time to understand our needs and find a way of explaining the process to the non-IT knowledgeable team. The company up to date follows and applies his recommendations and implementations. Alex is very professional, easy-going and not afraid of a challenge. He is flexible, target driven and able to step in his client shoes. I highly recommend Alex as one of the best IT specialists I have worked with.

Alex Jenkins is a hard-working and a committed individual, who has confident approach to everything he does. A very can-do attitude and can be relied upon to deliver a task without the need for supervision, ensuring updates are communicated along the way. He gains the confidence of others quickly and has the ability to communicate at all levels. He has the respect from his colleagues and peers

Senior Asscociate - Pinsent Mansons

Alexander Jenkins provided on-site IT support for the law firm I work for. I found Alex to be personable, conscientious and enthusiastic, even when working under pressure. Alex always made himself available to assist in resolving IT issues. Often these IT issues were resolved on the spot, but in circumstances where this was not possible, he always provided regular updates on progress and followed through to ensure these issues were satisfactorily resolved. Alex understands that efficient IT operation is essential for business and he always strived to achieve that outcome. As well as being professional in his role, Alex is also a very personable, outgoing and friendly person, who thinks positively on any challenges that he faces and creates a positive atmosphere within the workplace. He has strong work ethics and always puts the extra effort in to get the job done right, I wish him every success in all his future ventures which I have no doubt will be highly successful.

IT & Business change Project Manger

Working with Alexander Jenkins has been a great experience. Alex has always shown a fantastic attitude towards work and the difficult challenges we have faced within our support environment. He is completely customer focused and always striving to deliver an excellent service. Alex is technical but more importantly, very much a people person so he manages to communicate between those very technical to those that are not so technical. It is a difficult skill but very critical when delivering a good service. Personally, Alex and I have had a very good working relationship over the years and communication has been key to our geographical location.

Ingird Stone

IT & Business change Project Manger

I worked with Alex Jenkins when he provided support in Dubai for the law firm I worked for. Alex provided sole onsite support for the Dubai office. Alex communicated on a regular basis with me on all issues that impacted the office and ensured that the customer received a satisfactory outcome. I found Alex to be personable and enthusiastic. I enjoyed working with him.

Business Psychologist, Life Coach & NLP Coach at Ask for Life

The company I used to work for, TMD International wanted to migrate our team from google apps for business following several issues to a reliable hosted email environment, but we were not sure where to start to do to all the options. We engaged Alex Jenkins from Computer Services who suggested Microsoft Exchange work with Outlook, providing enterprise-level sync with Outlook web App’s and mobile devices. Alex recommended this to empowering the business to collaborate across in the region or around the world using shared calendars, Contacts, global address lists, and tasks and more. Alex also setup and integrated Skype for Business for anywhere access by integrating Skype for Business allowing the team to easily collaborate using Instant messaging and video calling. Alex Jenkins performed the email migration to exchange 2013 by providing flexible email migration and at the same time meeting TMD’s budget. He dealt with all the technical issues regarding the domain registrar, DNS and Webhosting. Alex migrated our team’s mailboxes, website successfully and provide unparalleled support to help make our email migration easy and successful. The team worked closely together with him, Alex is a very personable, outgoing, technically knowledgeable and friendly person, who thinks positively on any challenges that he faces. He creates a positive atmosphere within the workplace, he has strong work ethics and always puts the extra effort in to get the job done right and I would highly recommend him as an IT Analyst, IT consultant, IT Team Leader, IT Manager and look forward to working with him again.