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Website Hosting Services For Small Business

Doesn’t Your Business Deserve the Best Hosting? Website hosting services for small business

We are Best Website Hosting Services Available in Dubai

Don’t sweat the technical stuff. Let Alex use our years of experience with managed web hosting to find you a solution that is fast, secure, affordable, and built for the modern landscape of the internet

website hosting services for small business

Ready to experience the next generation?


Did you know that just a 1 second delay can reduce the number of views your website receives by 11%? Modern users demand modern speeds. That’s why we are proud to have partnered with Liquid Web VPS hosting. An independent, third-party review found that their servers performed up to 200% faster than Rackspace, Digital Ocean, and Amazon.


There is no room for mistakes when it comes to the information security of you and your customers. That’s why we take every measure possible to ensure that your network is secure. From uptime monitoring to SSL support to round-the-clock cyberattack detection, your information is in the safest hands possible with our dedicated website hosting services.


When it comes to hosting technology, if you aren’t ahead of the trends, you’ve fallen behind. Our website hosting services rely on the most up-to-date hardware and software so that no matter what you are running, today or tomorrow, we’ve got the infrastructure in place to support your demands.


Already have existing hosting and nervous about the switch? Don’t sweat it. The SEO Tech provides complete website migration that promises no downtime, expert oversight, and thorough analysis to ensure that everything transfers correctly and without incident. Oh, and did we mention that site migration is FREE?

Website Hosting Services Provide The Peace of Mind You Need To Run Your Business

Best Website Hosting Services Available in Dubai

You’ve got a business to run. You don’t have time to worry about your website crashing, your information being hacked, or your data going missing.

Alex is here to do the technical work for you so that you can focus on growing your business, leading your team, and keeping your customers happy.

Your website should be a constant, reliable source of new leads for you. Every minute that it’s not live is money down the drain.

That’s why we perform regular up-time checks to ensure that your hosting is always working as promised. And our partners at Liquid Web have a 100% network and power uptime written directly into their Service Level Agreement.

A business without a backup plan is inviting Murphy’s Law to strike. While our hosting services meet industry standards for security, up-time, and speed—catastrophes do happen.

If a force of nature puts a datacenter out of action, the last thing you want to worry about is losing your entire website. That’s why we perform regular local backups of your hosted files. So even in the worst case scenario, you’ll be able to bounce back into action in no time.

One of the most important features of website hosting for businesses is scaling. If your host can’t scale to meet the ever-growing traffic that your site is earning, then you will have a lot of unhappy visitors.

Alex Jenkins employs hosting technology that is ready to scale with you as soon as you need it to. If you land a primetime news spotlight or go viral on social media today, our hosting will be ready to handle the massive influx of traffic.

Cybercriminals are constantly developing new ways to break into even the most secure networks. Even if your website employs the latest in security standards, there is always the chance that an employee could be tricked into giving away sensitive information that leaves you vulnerable to hackers.

But you don’t need to fear with Alex Jenkins on your side.His hack Fix Guarantee means that if your website is ever hacked, we will do everything possible to remove hacks, disable viruses, repair damage, and restore security.

Example Work

Cloudflare Railgun

Railgun ensures that the connection between your origin server and the Cloudflare network is as fast as possible.


RESTful search and analytics engine capable of solving a growing number of use cases.


Open source, in-memory data structure store, used as a database, cache and message broker.

Scale visits, disk space and CDN

No need to change plan to handle a peak. Transparent overage pricing lets you calculate in advance.

Nginx reverse proxy

Support to load WordPress from a subdirectory while a separate website (WordPress or otherwise) loads at the root domain.

Anything else you need?

Should you need something extra for your stack, let’s discuss it!

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