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Ask These 7 Questions Before You Work With Any SEO Expert In Dubai

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO as it is called in short, is necessary for the success of any website. Without SEO, your blogs and company site remain out of the first page of Google search results, and hence out of public knowledge. Unless you are an SEO expert yourself, it is hard to improve your ranking in the local search results of Dubai. A better option might be to consult with an SEO expert that can help improve the search engine visibility of your web presence. But not all SEO experts in Dubai can give you proper results…

Here are 7 questions you should ask before working with any SEO expert in Dubai.

How will you improve my search engine rankings?

SEO is not a magic trick. Stay away from consultants who like to pretend otherwise.

Unless the expert is willing to share their methodology with you, assume that they do not know what they are talking about. A good SEO expert in Dubai would clearly outline the strategies that would be employed as well as giving a realistic timeframe for achieving your SEO campaign goals.

Are you experienced in improving local search results?

For improving your standing in Dubai, you need a leg up on local search results rather than boosting your rankings globally. Make sure that the SEO expert has worked with businesses based in Dubai, and helped them rank better locally.


How do you measure the success of your SEO campaigns?

To accurately measure the success of your SEO efforts, you must keep track of where the traffic to your website is coming from. It is not enough to just increase web traffic, but also to know which keywords are being used to find your site, among other things.

The ideal candidate would take advantage of Google Analytics to keep track of all these data points and keep you apprised of any changes.

What clients have you worked with?

Reputable SEO experts would have no problem furnishing you with a list of their current and past clients. Look up the businesses in Dubai, and verify if their SEO campaigns were indeed run by the same person.

Even when specific numbers may not be available, it can be valuable to know that a local business benefited from the consultant’s efforts.

Do you follow search engine’s webmaster guidelines?

Google publically posts webmaster best practices which detail all those SEO tricks that are considered poorly by their ranking algorithms. Choose to work only with a consultant that adheres to these guidelines, as failing to do so might see your rankings actually plummeting, or your website getting banned altogether.

Can you guarantee my website will achieve a number-one ranking on Google, Bing and Yahoo?

In a way, this is actually a trick question. No one can guarantee a particular rank on any leading search engine, let alone the top rank. All an SEO expert can ensure is that your rankings improve.

Candidates that answer yes to this question are to be avoided. Especially if they claim to have some sort of ‘insider connections’ with the search engine companies.

Professional SEO experts in Dubai would inform you that any kind of guarantee is impossible as it is only the search engine algorithms that decide how high your content will rank.

Why do you consider yourself an SEO expert?

The answer to this question reveals a lot about the consultant. Some will take this opportunity to brag about their accomplishments. The real experts would quietly point toward tangible data of their successes and let you draw your own conclusions.

Remember, it is not about the depth of knowledge, but the track record in applying it that actually matters.

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