Alex Jenkins

You know when you’ve reached the end of an era: Cadbury’s stop making the crème egg; birds decide that trees are passes and BlackBerry call and an end to mobile phones. Yes, it’s that time. The Canadian company which helped to bring in the smartphone nearly twenty years ago has decided that their operations are going to switch – and phones no longer hold the valued place they once did.

In the second quarter of this year, BlackBerry phones only sold 400,000 units – a tiny drop in what was once a B

For the everyday small-to-medium sized company, there are limits on what you can do in the case of a data disaster. CIOs have traditionally been hard-pressed to find a solution for data recovery, as well as identifying and wighing possible present and future risk. Plans are generally high-cost, and the chances of accurate prediction of the risk factors are poor.

So what are SMOs to do? Well, the answer is now becoming clearer: the Cloud. Cloud based disaster recovery is starting to emerge as the

You may, in your wilder moments, think that your content is neither one thing or another; it’s not that important that your company information is designed so that your clients feel utterly comfortable with what you’re trying to say; it’s not important that your information is absolutely accurate, and says exactly what you want it to say – after all, you’re not clear exactly what your content should be doing.

And therein lies the error.

You must have read it – you know – the comments from the FaceBook friend you may or may not know: ‘I drank 14 pints of vodka and drove home in an ice-cream van’, or ‘I flew to Hong Kong without a plane and passport’, or even ‘I’m dating my cat’.

These are examples of the weird and wonderful world of social media; where people are not so much people, but folk heroes in their own lunchtime. While this may be funny, and entertaining, the reality is that this kind of exposure can make you virtually u

A few years ago, you would have been surprised by the promise of web browsing becoming a virtually mobile pursuit. After all, the mobiles you were using were extremely primitive. Equally, today, are you concerned about the security of your smartphone?

You’re not. The figures prove it: if you’re anywhere near average, it just doesn’t come up on your radar.

And yet, criminals are always looking for the next ride that they can leverage from tech – it’s always been that way – and probably always will.

Bluer than a Scandinavian night of TV, roll mop herrings, and something to wash them down that sounds something like ‘Skull’, a ‘Windows-10-Blue-Screen-of-Death’, is a night never to forget.

You were just getting ready to watch the latest pirated edition of Game of Thrones, tucked your chair into its usual slouched position, and had enough snacks within arms-reach to feed a colony of squirrels through a very long and arduous winter.