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Why Should you Look into an IT Consultant?

In this digital world, a business has to maximise what technology has to offer it for it to become more competitive. However, since technology tends to be expensive, a company must be smart and must use cost-effective means to improve its IT functions. And the truth of the matter is that maintaining a full-time IT […]

Innovation in the Middle East

The Middle East as a region is finally taking its rightful place on the global stage by investing in, and unveiling technological advances that change the world around us. Middle Eastern governments and companies have recognised the great potential that disruption has brought about in all areas, which can improve our lives through efficiency, ease of use and boosts in productivity. Here, I look at five exciting concepts that are being pioneer.

UAE Leading Role in the Global Digital Revoltion

The first Industrial Revolution was distinguished by the mechanisation of the textile industry and the invention of the cotton gin in Great Britain. The next transformative age arose in the early 20th century with the invention of the steam engine, electricity, and moving assembly lines. The modern UAE economy flourished during the third industrial revolution marked by the emergence of fossil fuels and oils.

A Cloudy Forecast is Good News

For the everyday small-to-medium sized company, there are limits on what you can do in the case of a data disaster. CIOs have traditionally been hard-pressed to find a solution for data recovery, as well as identifying and wighing possible present and future risk. Plans are generally high-cost, and the chances of accurate prediction of the risk factors are poor.

So what are SMOs to do? Well, the answer is now becoming clearer: the Cloud. Cloud based disaster recovery is starting to emerge as the

How Important is your Company Content?

You may, in your wilder moments, think that your content is neither one thing or another; it’s not that important that your company information is designed so that your clients feel utterly comfortable with what you’re trying to say; it’s not important that your information is absolutely accurate, and says exactly what you want it to say – after all, you’re not clear exactly what your content should be doing.

And therein lies the error.

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