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Unmanned Surface Vehicle Technology – What You Need to Know

Since its initial inception in 2013, the race to perfect and implement the technology behind remote Unmanned Surface Vehicle Technology (USV) in the UAE has become both fast and furious. However, the wait appears to be over. This past February, Al Marakeb Boat Manufacturing Company, a leading UAE based maritime company, displayed its latest in […]

Mobile Tech UAE 5G Networks in Dubai | Alex Jenkins

5g network in Dubai, Imagine a world where family and friends thousands of kilometers away from each other can experience the same world from a virtual perspective. Fifth generation connectivity (5G connectivity) is poised to be a game changer, surpassing both 4G and LTE mobile technology. Around the world, telecommunications giants are racing at epic […]

An End of An Era Updated?

You know when you’ve reached the end of an era: Cadbury’s stop making the crème egg; birds decide that trees are passes and BlackBerry call and an end to mobile phones. Yes, it’s that time. The Canadian company which helped to bring in the smartphone nearly twenty years ago has decided that their operations are going to switch – and phones no longer hold the valued place they once did.

In the second quarter of this year, BlackBerry phones only sold 400,000 units – a tiny drop in what was once a B

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