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Dubai Does It Again: The Official Opening Of The World’s Deepest Pool

Image of the world's deepest pool in Dubai

Deepest Pool

Dubai is known as a city of superlatives. When it comes to climate, its searing summer temperatures are a testimony to the fact that it’s surrounded by desert. Yet this multi-faceted city also boasts huge water parks, a snow-filled ski slope (indoors of course), plus the tallest building on earth.

Its latest attraction is Deep Dive Dubai, the deepest underwater diving pool in the world. That has officially been verified by Guinness World Records on 27 June, 2021 – just 10 days before the complex opened its gates to the public.

In this amazing architectural and engineering feat, one can descend a nearly unbelievable 197 feet (60 metres) into an underwater landscape with an urban theme where you can, among others, entertain yourself with some of the world’s latest arcade games.

Calling this a swimming pool is a bit misleading though. Deep Dive Dubai is actually the deepest diving pool on the planet, around 15 metres deeper than its nearest competitor and the former record holder, Deepspot, which is situated near Warsaw in Poland.

To give readers an idea of how big Deep Dive Dubai really is: it holds a whopping 14 million litres of water – enough to fill 6 Olympic-sized swimming pools. The official website describes it as a ‘vast underwater city filled with adventure and wonder’ and goes on to say that this oyster-shaped pool is also the biggest underwater film studio in this part of the world.

Divers descend via a landscape that simulates an underwater city, complete with sound and light effects. They have two options: free-diving, where you just hold your breath all the way down (and up), or diving with an air tank.  Fortunately, on the way down there are two dry rooms filled with air, just in case…

If that is not enough to satisfy even the most devoted fun-seeker, Deep Dive Dubai is also brimming with no less than 56 cameras. These are there partly for diver safety, and partly so that less adventurous family members and friends can watch them on huge screens interspersed across the facility.

Guided by ambient music, once at the bottom divers can start exploring an abandoned underwater city. These ruins are given a lifelike appearance by world class light and sound systems. A few of the other attractions in this part of the facility include waterlogged cars, an ersatz abandoned apartment block, an arcade with (believe it or not) real working foosball tables, and even an underwater library – presumably for experienced speed readers. To further give the whole place an air of authenticity, the whole underwater city is covered with graffiti. There is, however, no marine life.

The underwater part of Deep Diver Dubai is not its only attraction. There are also above-ground facilities such as a gift shop, meeting and event spaces, viewing areas where visitors can watch the divers, and a high-tech hyperbaric chamber with space for 12 people. The developers also plan to open a restaurant before the end of the year.

The water is temperature-controlled at a very agreeable 86° Fahrenheit and is completely circulated every 6 hours via a high-tech purification system that utilises filter technology developed by NASA, siliceous volcanic rock, as well as UV radiation.

The opening ceremony was attended by high-ranking officials and celebrities such as Dubai’s Crown Prince and Will Smith. At the moment it’s still invitation-only, but bookings will open later in July. If the idea of diving in the deepest underwater pool in the world excites you but you feel you might first need a bit of coaching, don’t forget that Alex Jenkins is also Master Scuba Diver Trainer PADI teaching 18 different specialties. Read more here.

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