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Gone Phishing: Here’s How To Stop Phishing Emails And Protect Yourself

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Gone Phishing: Here’s How To Stop Phishing Emails And Protect Yourself

Nowadays, two things are certain: that the internet is an essential part of our lives and that safety is very important. Unfortunately, the internet isn’t quite as safe as one might hope. One of the biggest threats to you online is phishing, people manipulating you to get your data. This article will teach you how to stop phishing emails and other forms of phishing.

How to Stop Phishing Emails

If someone is going to phish you, they most likely will do it through deceptive phishing. This is almost always done through sending an email where the perpetrator pretends to be a company or some other kind of authority and then tries to get you to reveal information. This is often under the guise of doing something seemingly legitimate such as having you click a link to go to pay off a bill with your credit card…but then it gives that information to the scammers. Below are some ways to protect yourself from phishing.


Here’s a metaphor to show you how to prevent this kind of problem. ‘How to Stop Phishing Emails’? Treat it like people are ‘fishing’…but for you. If you are a fish, how do you avoid being trapped on a hook and reeled to your doom? You don’t bite the bait. Baits are made to look appealing to the fish but if the fish were clever, they could see that the bait is on a hook. It’s the same for you when you deal with emails. Before you click anything, read over the email carefully to make sure you are getting a legitimate email. If you need to and can, compare your email against ones from the people or institutions they claim to be from.

How To Stop Phishing Emails In Dubai
Stopping Phishing Emails Requires A Combination Of Behavioural Changes And Technological Tactics…

Changing Online Habits

However, it should be noted that although lots of phishing can be easy enough to figure out, it isn’t always this simple. Sometimes, phishers have enough information on you to make it seem as if they really are legitimate companies or even know you (this is often called spear phishing). In these cases, their goal is still the same. The phisher wants you to give over personal information, usually via manipulating you into giving it up via forms or through something as innocuous as clicking a link. In these cases, the best answer to the question of how to stop phishing emails is to make sure your online habits are ready to prevent these kinds of attacks.

The first thing you can do is to make sure you don’t share too much information about yourself online. When you post anything online or sign up for anything, be very careful about what you reveal about yourself, as it always leaves a trail. Even if it’s deleted, people might be able to recover it and find it. The more information you give away, the more phishers can find it and use it to manipulate you. The second thing you can do is get programs to automatically scan your emails and make sure they are safe. This extra step will be able to figure out when you are being scammed with your information. This is since if someone knows tons about you, it will be easier for them to run circles around you.

Email Risk Assessment Tools

If you’re serious about preventing phishing and protecting yourself, you need to get one of the scanning programs just mentioned. Fortunately, we have you covered and can tell you the best program on the market for that: OnINBOX by Red Sift, intelligent email threat detection. It scans (but doesn’t read) the content of your emails to highlight anything that might cause you harm, like tracking pixels or malicious URLs, allowing you to make sure you’ll never be fooled. Learn more about how OnINBOX flags inbound phishing emails to end-users when they’re opened via this link:

So, That’s How To Stop Phishing Emails…

These are the first steps people looking for how to stop phishing emails should take. There are other ways that you can be phished such as fraudulent text messages or being targeted if you are a CEO or other high-ranking person to corrupt your whole organization from the top-down. But in the end, the basic practices discussed above apply to these situations as well. Always remember to set up ways to automate analyzing your emails and other data, limit what information you share and check to make sure everything is legitimate. With these basics in mind, go forth and learn more about how to stop phishing emails and any other problems people might cause you online.

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