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Why Do Businesses Use Local SEO In Dubai? (And What Is It Anyway?)

Regardless of the industry, local SEO in Dubai can help you grow your business and attract more domestic and profitable customers. In this article, we will explain what local SEO is and how to implement it on your website to boost your ranking for local search queries.‏

‏What Is Local SEO? ‏

‏Local SEO is a powerful method to increase the online visibility of your business, as it helps you promote your services to local customers at the very moment they’re searching for them online. ‏

‏Organic SEO vs Local Seo‏

It’s quite easy to mix up local and organic SEO, but there is one core thing that makes a distinction between them. This primary difference is the fact that Local SEO always has a geographical component, while this isn’t necessarily the case in organic SEO.‏

‏To make this concept easier to understand, let’s have a look at the search term “local SEO”. If a person searches for “local SEO” they will get results from all over the world, from websites optimized for organic SEO. On the other hand, if they search for “local SEO in Dubai”, or “local SEO near me”, Google will automatically suggest listings that are based on location, in this example companies that offer local SEO in Dubai. ‏

Why Businesses Need Local SEO In Dubai‏

‏In a time when there are thousands of businesses that provide similar services as you do, it is essential to narrow down your audience. Local SEO allows just that, by connecting you with local customers who search for businesses like yours. Focusing on a local audience makes it easier to stand out in a crowd of similar websites. Finally, customers are more likely to select you for the product or service they need if you are close to their location. ‏

Dubai based businesses should use local SEO in Dubai for local search terms

‏Easy And Effective Methods To Optimize Your Website For Local SEO‏

‏So, you want to make use of local SEO, but aren’t sure where to start? Although using a professional will always deliver the best possible results, there are three things you can do on your own to begin optimizing your website for local SEO right away. ‏

  • ‏Claim Your Google My Business Page‏
    Google My Business (GMB) is your company’s profile on Google. When claiming your profile, you are telling Google that you own the business, where you are located and what you do. As a result, when someone searches for your product or service + location, your business will appear at the top of the search results, with necessary company information and your site shown on google maps. To find this page for example, you probably searched for something like “local SEO in Dubai” or “Dubai SEO”‏.
  • ‏Website Localization‏
    ‏One of the most effective methods to appear in more local searches is optimizing your website. You can do so by clearly describing what you do and where you are on your homepage and meta description. Use local keywords naturally throughout your content, particularly in meta tags, headings, titles and image alt tags. Finally, make sure you are providing valuable content, that targets the local audience. ‏
  • ‏Quality Backlinks‏
    ‏Last but not least, quality backlinks are a powerful way to boost your business for local SEO. Let’s repeat the above example to make this a bit clearer. So, you want to rank for “‏ ‏Local SEO in Dubai‏ ‏”. To build links, you should find directories that list general businesses or specifically those offering marketing services. Then, find local newspapers, bloggers or forums that are focused on the SEO topic, and place your link in a sponsored post or a comment (where it fits, spamming will have an opposite effect.) With time, these backlinks will tremendously improve your local search visibility. ‏

Optimizing your business for local SEO is a rewarding practice. Although it can be a time-consuming task, you will soon realize it was time well invested. Your business will grow, become recognizable and the local audience will begin to trust you for the products and services they need

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