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IT AMCs in Dubai: What Do They Cover?

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IT AMCs in Dubai are more important than ever. During the first two decades of the 21st century, the business world has become more dependent on properly functioning IT systems than ever before. Today’s businesses can simply not function efficiently if they regularly have to deal with data corruption, scanners, and printers that don’t work, virus attacks, or worst of all, server networks that crashed. All of these can cause short-term financial loss. And even worse, they can permanently harm the reputation of your business.

This is where IT AMCs in Dubai can be like a gift from heaven. Read on to find out more.

What are IT AMCs in Dubai?

The term IT AMC simply refers to an annual maintenance contract for your IT services. While these contracts can be customised to meet the needs of individual firms, they typically include the following services.

PC repairs

Regardless of whether your business is struggling with a broken printer, CPU, scanner, keyboard, or any similar type of IT equipment, all good IT AMCs in Dubai will take care of your repair needs.

Keeping your software updated

Keeping on top of all the latest software updates takes a lot of time, skill, and effort. This is where IT AMCs in Dubai can save any business a lot of time and money by ensuring that all its computer software is regularly updated. Not only will this improve performance but it will also boost staff morale because they know that their work won’t be interrupted by software issues that could have been prevented.

Ensuring that your computer systems are protected by the latest anti-virus software

Modern businesses also often have to deal with computer viruses, trojan horses, adware, malware, or spyware that can cause computer systems to work more slowly, delete or corrupt crucial files, or compromise their clients’ confidential information. Luckily all good IT AMCs in Dubai include installing and keeping up to date the best anti-virus software and integrating these with your system’s firewall.

Making regular backups of your data and helping to recover data if the need arises

Data that hasn’t been backed up is data that can be irrecoverably destroyed by hardware failure, hackers, corrupt software, etc. All good IT AMCs in Dubai include a customized data backup and recovery plan to suit the needs of the individual business.

IT AMCs in Dubai

Assisting your business with adding or removing hardware

Another challenge that businesses nowadays often have to deal with is hardware failing or becoming obsolete or incompatible with new devices or software. To ensure the smooth flow of business operations and to prevent staff from wasting many hours while trying to do their jobs with hardware that just can’t do what it is supposed to do, most high quality IT AMCs in Dubai will assist your firm with getting rid of old hardware and replacing them with properly working equipment.

Maintaining computer monitors

IT AMCs in Dubai will typically also help to ensure that your firm’s computer monitors and related equipment are working the way they should. A maintenance contract usually takes care of, not only the monitors themselves, but also adaptors, power supplies, and connectors.

Other services provided by top IT AMCs in Dubai

Apart from the services mentioned above, a Dubai IT AMC often also includes both preventive and corrective hardware and software maintenance, regular virus scans, monitoring your IT system’s performance and taking corrective action when needed, monitoring hard disks for inconsistent clusters, etc.

The bottom line – the benefits of IT AMCs in DUBAI

  1. It will set your staff free to concentrate on the work they are paid to do.
  2. You get a comprehensive support desk for servers, PCs, terminals, and computer networks.
  3. Your business will save money and time because the contract takes care of everything, from minor repairs to major upgrades.
  4. Having regular backup and virus scans carried out will help prevent data loss.
  5. IT AMCs can typically be customised to your firm’s specific needs. This means you only pay for what you need.
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