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Managed IT Services In Dubai: 10 Things To Look For In A Good Provider

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It is expensive and time-consuming to run a large, internal IT department. Fortunately, managed IT services in Dubai can help you cut costs and increase competitiveness. However, not just any provider will do. You need the right company for your business needs, with qualities like.

1. Technical Skills and Expertise

A good provider is well-versed with the current technology, including cloud expertise. IT professionals have varying degrees of technical expertise, from basic troubleshooting, data analysis to information security. As an extension of the in-house IT department, managed IT services in Dubai should manage complex environments and impart specialized expertise.

2. Industry Experience

It is essential to hire a managed service provider with experience in your industry. Every business has different IT requirements, whether in banking, healthcare, education, or another field. Thus, check the track record of a potential vendor to see if they have worked with similar organizations.

3. Security

Cybercrime is an unrelenting threat to modern businesses. Therefore, you require managed IT services in Dubai with security protocols that extend beyond firewalls, passwords, and antivirus software. The best provider has strategic security plans, secures all endpoints, and complies with IT security regulations. Moreover, reliable vendors use the latest technologies to block malware and other forms of intrusions.

4. Highly-Trained Technicians

One of the perks of an MSP is the wide pool of talent that solves different problems. However, too many MSPs try to save costs by hiring a small or under-trained team. As a result, the technicians take too long to fix your IT problems and may even cause other issues. Thus, ask potential vendors about their teams’ certifications and expertise. The best provider has a wide range of certified consultants who can diagnose your major technologies.

5. 24/7 Managed IT Services in Dubai

Ensure the vendor dedicates a team to your company 24/7. Moreover, ask for on-site support, where a technician dedicated to your firm takes the time to understand your IT infrastructure. In a bid to cut costs, many MSPs look to offshore pools of talent. However, language barriers can make it challenging to communicate with such an on-call team. Thus, ask the vendor where their customer service team is based.

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6. Continual Service Improvements

The best MSP analyzes monthly reviews and quarterly reports with your internal team. Avoid providers who only send email reports without analyzing the metrics. Also, the vendor should commit to one-on-one sessions with your IT staff to brainstorm new ideas.

7. Comprehensive SLAs

Ensure that the service-level agreement (SLA) defines the vendor’s services, labour, hardware, and software. Also, it should be tailored to your business and include service standards with service-level descriptions and performance guarantees. Moreover, ensure that the termination requirements do not favour the provider at your expense.

8. Provides Consulting Services

The best MSP should be committed to helping your business stay competitive. In fact, the relationship between your business and an MSP should resemble a partnership, where they take the time to acknowledge your goals and threats. Thus, stay away from vendors who push for products at every turn.

9. Reputation

Check the references for potential MSPs, and ask previous customers how well the vendor met their commitments. Also, talk to a few employees to understand the work culture and workload. You want to work with a vendor who takes good care of their employees and clients.

10. Third-Party Vendors

MSPs engage the services of third-party providers to deliver cutting-edge solutions. Thus, check the reputation, expertise, and security protocols of such partners.

In Conclusion

The right managed service provider delivers stable, secure, and scalable IT services to facilitate your day-to-day operations. Use the checklist above to kickstart your search for the right IT partner.

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