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5 Tips To Find The Best SEO Consultant In Dubai

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5 Tips To Find The Best SEO Consultant In Dubai

Here are 5 essential tips to ensure that you hire the most competent SEO consultant possible in Dubai: 

Make Use Of Search Engines

The simplest and most straightforward method of finding a competent SEO consultant in Dubai is to use search engines to your advantage and see what results come up. This may seem like a very obvious step that is hard to miss, but it will ensure right from the beginning that you are coming across high ranking SEO consultants. If they are able to optimize search results for themselves and be visible to potential clients and employers, then it is more than likely that they will be able to do the same for you and your business.

Identify the Core Responsibilities and Outcomes Prior To Interviewing

In order to find the perfect SEO consultant in Dubai, you must be crystal clear on what problems you want them to solve for you, and what the main desired outcomes from the position are, and in turn, what their main responsibilities will be. You may outline 3 main desired outcomes for the role at hand, for example: 1) Achieving a number one ranking on Google, Yahoo and Bing 2) Modifying and optimizing company website coding 3) Reaching a target audience of 100,000 with an 8% conversion rate.

Understand Pricing Structure and Determine Your Budget

Not all projects are created equal. Depending on the length and type of your project, you may either have an SEO consultant who is paid a one-time flat fee or one who is paid a retainer fee. A one-time flat fee is ideal for when you need the consultant to be consistently monitoring your website’s performance and when working on the infrastructure of the website, updating commonly searched terms and repairing broken links. This is perfect for when you are seeking to hire an SEO consultant on a full-time basis.

When the project is shorter however, you may want to consider hiring a consultant who is paid a retainer fee. Consultants are typically compensated in this manner when they are required to perform routine checks on your website and when ensuring that your marketing campaigns are running smoothly.

Additionally, make sure you have a marketing budget determined ahead of time in order to search for an SEO consultant with the right amount of experience, and hire accordingly.


Test The Waters

As with any other facet of life, it is always best to test the waters before diving deep in. Prior to finalizing any deals or signing any contracts to bring the consultant on board, make sure their work meets the standards and expectations you have in mind. A perfect way of doing this would be to have them work on a short-term project which would last somewhere between 30 and 90 days ideally. During this period of time, you would be able to see what sort of changes they would implement to your strategy, and what improvements they apply to your website and the other areas of your digital platforms.

Ask The Right Questions

Receiving hundreds of applications when looking to hire an SEO consultant in Dubai is inevitable, and a large portion of them will often be from unqualified applicants. That is why it is an absolute must to distinguish those who are suitable for the role from those who are incompetent, and one of the easiest ways to do that is through asking the right questions.

The following are some of the questions that are recommended during the filtering process:

  • What are your criteria for measuring the success or failure of an SEO campaign?
  • After examining our website, please recommend 3 optimization methods that we should implement
  • What are you expecting to achieve within the first 3 to 6 months of being hired if successful?
  • Please provide a list of references including 2 previous clients and 1 current client.
  • How will you keep up to date with current SEO trends?
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