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The Essential Elements Of The Best SEO Packages In Dubai


The Essential Elements Of The Best SEO Packages In Dubai

The right SEO package can play a crucial role in improving the search engine performance of your website, getting more website visitors, and eventually increasing sales. With so many available SEO packages in Dubai, however, how will you know which one is right for your needs?

Below we analyse the different elements of a good SEO package and explain their importance.

Technical SEO

Before a highly skilled SEO consultant will even begin to optimize your website for search engine performance, he or she will carry out a technical audit of the site. This is because the content management system, the present site architecture of the website, and the technical infrastructure are all very important to the success of any SEO campaign you might run.

The consultant will start by studying both the on-page and off-page elements to make sure there aren’t any technical stumbling blocks to your website being successful online.

On-page SEO

Content. A professional SEO firm will study your website’s content because this is the most vital part of a successful search engine optimisation plan. When putting together content, you should seriously think about what information about your firm is the most important for customers to be aware of.

The amount of information is also important. The absolute minimum is 300 words per page, but rather go for 500 words or more. Keep the content relevant though – and make sure your target market will find it interesting. Avoid repetitiveness.

Keyword research. Another essential part of every good SEO package in Dubai is researching the best keywords to use. When you sign up for such a package, it will normally come with a set number of included keywords. The SEO experts will use various methods to find what they believe are the best possible keywords to drive more visitors to your website. This could include one or more of the following:

  • studying successful competitors’ website to see what keywords they used
  • surveying clients/customers/suppliers
  • using professional keyword research tools
  • using Google Analytics
  • studying social media sites such as Twitter to find the top-ranking keywords/search terms for your type of business

Adding the right meta tags. The meta title is the one you see at the start of every listing on a search engine results page. A successful meta title should perfectly describe your business in a few words and include at least three of the most important keywords.

The meta description is displayed just after the title in search engine results. This should not contain more than 150 characters, and it should also include your three most important keywords. This tag gives you the opportunity to write a clear but brief outline of what your business is all about.

Off-page SEO

Link building. Google views a backlink to your site from another (high quality) website as validation or a ‘vote of confidence’ in your site, and a good number of such links will give it a higher ranking. The best SEO packages in Dubai will include this service. You should make sure, however, that these links are from top quality sites. One link from Microsoft (for example) will count a thousand times more than a thousand links from small, unknown websites sometimes set up just for this purpose. Some SEO professionals will also post your company and product details in online directories, which could potentially reach large numbers of new customers and improve search engine rankings.

Social media. Some SEO packages in Dubai will also include building a social media presence for your business. This can be a great way to communicate with current and prospective customers. There are, for example, packages available that include regular social media posts and uploading videos and/or photos relevant to your business.

Expertise and experience counts when comparing SEO packages in Dubai

When comparing SEO packages, make sure not to just look at the numbers. Yes, you might find a startup firm that will offer a thousand fairly useless backlinks to your site for half the price than the nearest competitor. But in the SEO business, the expertise created by years of experience is what eventually counts.

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