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The Ultimate Guide To eCommerce SEO In Dubai


The Ultimate Guide To eCommerce SEO Dubai‏

‏Many people fall into the trap of applying the principles of general website Search Engine Optimization to eCommerce SEO in Dubai. Needless to say, it doesn’t yield good results.‏

‏Ecommerce pages operate completely different from your usual blog posts and require a different set of optimizations to improve their ranking. Simple tricks like meta tags and keyword sprinkling are just not going to cut it.‏ You should have a digital marketing SEO strategy for your website to attract more sales from potential clients

‏To help you get started on the right track, here is our ultimate guide to eCommerce SEO in Dubai.‏
‏Keyword Research for eCommerce SEO in Dubai‏

‏The SEO process for any kind of web content begins with thorough keyword research, and eCommerce is no exception. But‏ ‏ the criteria for what constitutes a good keyword for a blog post is different from what is needed if you have a company in Dubai.‏

‏Suppose your business sells embedded computers. In the general case, you will primarily be trying to rank for the keyword ‏ ‏embedded computers‏ ‏.‏

‏But when we are talking about eCommerce, we need to narrow things down. Instead of the overarching category, ‏ ‏each of your products should rank for their specific sub-category keywords.‏ ‏ For example, one of the PCs you sell can rank for ‏ ‏fanless embedded computers, ‏ ‏while another ranks for ‏ ‏embedded computers with gfx cards.‏

‏This ensures that none of your products end up competing with each other, but rather generate unique traffic of their own. Not only does this maximize the effectiveness of your SEO campaign, but it also boosts sales throughout the board through organic traffic generated internally.

Competitor Research‏

‏Another important step for eCommerce SEO in Dubai is to study the competition. Competitor research is advocated by general SEO as well, but just as keyword research for eCommerce differs from the norm, so does competitor research.‏

‏When optimizing normal web pages, the focus is simply on the keywords used by them and the source of their traffic. ‏ ‏But when considering eCommerce competitors, you need to focus on their website architecture as well.‏

‏This is because pages that are embedded too deep into the architecture generally receive less traffic and are consequently ranked lower as well. Ecommerce websites are especially prone to navigational issues due to the large amount of structured content that they have to display.‏

‏That is why it is crucial to learn from how your competitors are organizing their webpages and implementing parts of their architecture if it is better than yours. This has the added benefit of giving a seamless experience to users who might be turned away if your navigational approach is too different from other eCommerce sites.‏
On-Page SEO‏

‏As any SEO analyst knows, on-page SEO is crucial for getting the most out of your content. But what does on-page SEO mean where eCommerce is concerned?‏

‏The driving force here is long-tail traffic. Just as we saw in keyword research, eCommerce lends itself well to very specific keywords like ‘‏ ‏embedded computer with AMD Ryzen’. ‏ ‏The list of additional words trailing after the main category keyword is called the long tail.‏

‏When you optimize your website to rank for as many unique long-tail keywords as you can, you pave the way for the product page to show up in very specific searches, beating out more generalized SEO of your more established competitors.‏

‏And it is not only the features of the product that go into this long tail. Adding modifiers like ‏ ‏‘cheap’ ‏ ‏or ‏ ‏‘best’‏ ‏ can greatly improve the discoverability of the product in question. Pair this with magnet words like ‏ ‏x% off‏ ‏ and ‏ ‏sale‏ ‏ to make sure that your content shows up for every obscure user search. ‏

Importance of on-page SEO techniques

One reason why on-page search engine optimization techniques would be ideal for use in ecommerce strategies is that it helps your websites get a better ranking. What happens is that the search engines can get a comprehensive view of what you have uploaded on your website. This would enable them to present them exclusively to those searches that are relevant to a search made by potential clients. There SEO services companies in dubai that can help you in coming up with SEO strategies that will improve your ranking on search results. These SEO strategies vary from one niche to another an therefore it is advisable that you look for the one that is best for your business.

The search engine results pages (SERPs) are designed in a manner that they are guided with relevance and semantics. This enables them to detect websites as well as other results that might be what the client is looking for. In this case, if you were not keen on what you uploaded, then you will misguide the search engines. Therefore, they will be confused in a manner that they will keep listing your website in search results that are not relevant to the services and products that you deal with.

The majority of on-page search engine optimization techniques will be effective in achieving success for your business. They should be used in Search engine optimization in the United Arab Emirates to improve your rankings, the amount of user traffic on your pages as well as improve the conversion rate; from traffic to actual buyers of your products or services.

What to do to compete favourably in Ecommerce in the United Arab Emirates

When it comes to ecommerce in the United Arab Emirate, you need to be ahead of the curve to get the best results from any effort that you apply. You will need to be well-informed of the trending and most effective Search Engine Optimization techniques so that your website and whatever you post attracts significant user traffic on the internet. Apart from having a well detailed SEO strategy, here are some of the things that you should do if you have a company in Dubai.

Use of keywords

You should know that there are relevant keywords for every industry. You will need to optimize your website by uploading these keywords in ideal proportions. Only then will your website be ranked among the top in the list of any search engines.

This is because, when a search is made in a search engine for a product or service, users will only be focused on the first three in the list of results. If these are websites, then they will log in to see what a particular firm works in. This is where your on-page search engine optimization techniques will need to be in excellent form.

Uploading of relevant media

This is among the most important digital marketing strategies that you should know of. When clients get to your websites, you will need to engage them most appropriately. This will determine your conversion rate; which can be described as the number of visitors to your website that come to buy your products.

Being clear in the type of content that you upload

For your service pages, blogs and landing pages you will have to get in touch with an SEO services company in Dubai to design them effectively. They need to be well written in a manner that they catch the attention of the user traffic on the website. This will determine your user engagement as well as the conversion rate to actual buying of your products.

Investing in any of the following will enable you to achieve success when it comes to your efforts in on-page search engine optimization;

Being keen on uploading high-quality content

What search engines like Google or any other focus in is the quality of content that you upload in your websites. The quality of the content should be standardized, and this is easily detected by the search engines. That is why you will need to get an expert consultation on the type of content to upload. You might need an expert agency in Dubai to advise and recommend the type of content to upload. Similarly, the content should be authoritative and should also be trustworthy because if it fails to meet any of these standards, then you will have a difficult time getting the best from the search engines.

Using quality and well-designed title tags

Most websites are designed with a title tag that describes the content that is to be used on the page. This gives a brief introduction and the description of what you can get from the page that is coming up next. Although overlooked, it has an impact on the ranking of your website on the internet.

You will need to be keen on the type of title tags that you upload on the internet. It should be easily visible and should also be an original one. Your website will perform dismally if the title tag that you use is either duplicated from another website or that you don’t use one altogether.

Meta description

The meta descriptions are one way that can be used for optimization business websites. They are included with a meta tag that describes the page that a user will look at. It works to improve the optimization of your website because many of the users in websites are just perusing through your pages and would simply want a clue of what is in the pages. Very few will read through each paragraph and that is the importance of the meta description.

Avoiding keyword cannibalization

After performing keyword research and you can realize the best and relevant keywords to use on your websites, you will be on the right path to success. This will guarantee the optimization of your website.

However, you will have to avoid using the keyword on every page as this will not improve your rank. This will not work well for your SEO efforts. You will be risking your website as your website pages will be competing with each other in terms of which gets ranked in the search engine better than the other.

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