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Keep Your Business Up and Running Even When Disaster Strikes.

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Do you have a disaster recovery plan?

If not, then it’s time that you should before disaster strikes.

Statistics show that:

  • Unplanned downtime can cost a business between $926 and $17,244 per minute (now you can imagine how much it will cost in UAE Dirham?)
  • 45 percent of unplanned downtime incidents are caused by hardware failure, 35 percent due to power outages, and 19 percent due to human error.
  • 1 in 3 businesses are unprepared for disasters,
  • 12 percent of companies fail to recover from a disaster,
  • Ransomware detections were nearly 90 percent in the last years across industries.

Disaster can come in many forms such as natural calamities, security breaches, data centre outages and human errors. Now in such a situation there are two things that can happen either your business experiences long hours of unplanned downtime while you come up with a strategic approach to identify and deal with the situation; or you reach out to your disaster recovery Dubai service provider to implement the disaster recovery plan and get your business up and running in a matter of seconds. Some business owners wait for disaster to happen, while others act proactively and reach out to us, Computer Services, for strategic disaster recovery solutions.

Trusted, Experienced and Reliable Disaster Recovery Dubai Service Provider

With over 13 years of hands-on industry experience, unmatched IT expertise, and sound technical knowledge, Alex Jenkins is committed to helping businesses across industries in UAE ensure business continuity even when disaster hits them—regardless of its form or intensity level. And that is not an overstatement.

We can offer you a strategic and well-rounded disaster recovery plan that protects, and restores data, servers and entire data centres suffering from a man-made or natural disaster. Our technology agnostic approach helps us to design and develop a plan and process that is based on the recovery strategy dictated by your business.

With us, you have a partner with the experience, skills, national footprint & standardized processes that you can truly rely on when disaster strikes. We will help you recover your mission critical information and data systems quickly and efficiently with minimal interruption to your business—keeping your organization running and employees productive.  

Our disaster recovery specialists at data centre in Dubai manage the planning, testing and implementation of disaster recovery plans for clients. If disaster happens, our team will quickly execute your disaster recovery processes ensuring that you don’t have to suffer from huge losses due to long hours of business downtime and no accessibility to customers.

Alex Jenkins takes pride in being one of the leading, and trusted disaster recovery and managed service providers in Dubai. We have helped hundreds of businesses recover from and proactively deal with disasters of all kinds. Give us the opportunity to help you to and keep your business well-protected.

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