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5 Advantages of Cloud Computing for Small Businesses

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As a small business, you can benefit from modern technology – especially when it comes to cloud computing, and the advantages of cloud computing for small businesses are numerous…

In short, cloud computing refers to computing services on the internet. Think of it as replacing the way you would do things in the past – running a program on your physical computer, for example. With cloud computing for small businesses, you can now access the same kinds of applications from the internet, wherever you are. 

If you are using online banking to check your balance, updating your Facebook status, or sharing a document with a colleague, you are working in the cloud. Chances are you are relying on cloud computing to solve many of the complex challenges your business is facing every day.

So What Are The Advantages Of Cloud Computing For Small Businesses?

So, if you are still wondering what the advantages of cloud computing for small businesses are, then here are five great reasons to get you started…

1. Increases your business’ flexibility

Cloud computing is ideal for growing businesses with ever-changing demands. It’s very easy to scale, as it draws on the remote server’s abilities. You can also scale down, which means you always have a flexible solution to your changing needs. IT Directors and CTOs list scalability as one of the top drivers toward cloud computing for small businesses.

2. Automated software updates

With cloud computing, you can benefit from regular software updates without having to worry about maintaining software yourself. Security updates are done automatically as the servers are not located on your premises and not taking up any of your resources. This leaves you and your team members free to focus on other important areas of your small business that matter most.

5 Advantages of Cloud Computing for Small Businesses

3. Easy backup and recovery

Disaster recovery is important for any business, especially for smaller businesses that lack the funds and expertise. Cloud computing offers small businesses the ability to implement a backup and recovery solution that don’t require a large upfront investment and saves time. As an added benefit cloud computing offers the expertise of a third-party as well.

4. No huge capital expenditure needed

Cloud computing quite simply cuts out the need for expensive hardware and equipment. You can simply choose the services you need, and benefit from a pay-as-you-go pricing model. This is great for your cash flow, not to mention the ease of management and set-up. This makes it much easier for small businesses to move over to cloud computing services.

5. Improved document control

Before the cloud, users had to send documents back and forth via email for one user to work on at a time. This leads to a mess of conflicting file versions and edits, not to mention the time it takes to share these files and edit them one user at a time. With cloud computing for small businesses, you can now have one centralised location where you can store, share, and manage files. This also makes it much more secure, as you can choose who should have access to certain files. With more employees now working in remote locations than ever before, secure file sharing has become a must. Improved document collaboration ultimately leads to an increase in overall productivity.

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