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Best Parental Control App for iPhone

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Best Parental Control App for iPhone

Technology has changed the world forever, and with the advent of social media and messaging apps, today’s children are exposed to more potential threats than ever before. Paedophiles, predators, and even potential kidnappers are increasingly using technology to find their next victim. They often use pornographic videos and images to lure children into their web of deceit.Fortunately, technology is a double-edged sword. Parents can now also use the latest technology to help protect their children. That is why many of them are nowadays using parental control apps to monitor what exactly is happening in their children’s lives when they are not at home.

Which parental control app is the best?


There is a myriad of parental control apps on the market. How does a parent who is not necessarily tech-savvy decide which one to use? The best way to approach this is to draw up a list of criteria and then check whether the app you are considering to buy meets all these criteria. When doing it this way, there is really only one parental control app that ticks all the boxes: KidsGuard Pro.

 Right now there is simply none of its competitors that can match all the following.

KidsGuard Pro benefits


Compatibility. KidsGuard Pro is available for both major smartphone operating systems (Android and iPhone). The app works on iOS versions 9.9 and later and on Android 4.0 and later.

Easy installation with 24/7 support. There is no need to be an IT expert to install KidsGuard Pro. It is possible to download the app, install it on the target phone (in the case of Android), and start monitoring the phone by accessing the KidsGuard Pro online control panel from your device within a few minutes.

In the case of an iPhone, it’s not even necessary to install the app on the child’s phone. All that’s required is to enter the relevant iCloud details in your KidsGuard Pro account, and you can start monitoring your child’s phone. The app works on any iOS operating system from iOS 9.9 to iOS 14.

What is particularly important here is that KidsGuard Pro does not need a rooted Android phone. And in the case of an iPhone, there is no ‘jailbreak’ needed. Both of these require fairly advanced knowledge of smartphone operating systems and would have made the app much more difficult to install.

The company behind the app also offers 24/7 support.


Monitoring a wide variety of social media and messaging apps. The Android version, for example, can monitor the target phone’s Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Line, Tinder, Telegram, Kik, Viber, WeChat, and QQ accounts and more.

For iPhones, the list is a bit shorter, but it’s still possible to monitor Kik, QQ, Viber, LINE, Kid, WeChat, Facebook and WhatsApp chats and history.

The above feature includes viewing all exchanged videos, photos and text files (even deleted ones).

Check browser history. KidsGuard Pro allows parents to check the target phone’s browser and search histories to see whether a child has accessed inappropriate content. It’s also possible to block certain web addresses.

View the list of installed applications. There are a lot of applications out there which parents might not want their children to access. With KidsGuard Pro it’s easy to see exactly which apps are installed on the target phone.

View call logs. From their online control panel, parents are able to view all the call logs, including telephone numbers, timestamps and other relevant information about calls received by or made from the target phone.

Determine where a child is at the moment. With this app, parents are also able to determine exactly where the target phone is at the present moment. This means parents will know precisely where their children are at any given time. KidsGuard Pro also makes it possible to review the phone’s location history for the whole day.

Geofencing. Parents can mark specific locations as dangerous or safe on a digital map, thereby creating a virtual boundary for their child. The moment the monitored smartphone crosses this boundary, an alert is sent to the parent’s phone. This feature also shows the time the border was breached, and where the child went after that.

Take real-time photos and screenshots. The app allows parents to take screenshots on the targeted phone whenever they want, and it is also possible to remotely take a photo with the camera (Android version only). If a child should e.g. leave the geofencing area and the parents suspect that he or she is in the company of undesirable people, this feature will immediately reveal who they are spending time with.

Undetectable, secure and encrypted. The average child on whose phone this app is installed will not be able to detect its presence. The data from his or her phone is sent to the parent’s phone in an encrypted format via a secure system, so it can also not be intercepted by a third party.

KidsGuard Pro cons


While this app might be nearly flawless, it does have some minor imperfections.

– It comes with a reasonably hefty monthly subscription fee that only allows one device to be monitored

– The company does not offer a free trial

– Remote photo clicking and call recording are not available in the iPhone version

The bottom line

KidsGuard Pro is indeed a highly professional parental control app. In this case, you indeed get what you pay for, because the many pros far outweigh the few cons.

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