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The Cloud Company For Security, Accessibility, Scalability

The Cloud Company For Security, Accessibility, Scalability

Create a partnership with a reliable, innovative and decentralized cloud storage network.

The World Wide Web has transformed the way businesses are developed, managed, and serve their customers. Today’s businesses require a whole new level of web service that can provide secure storage and decentralized access. The monopoly of Google, Facebook, and Amazon has created a virtual enslavement of customers with the collection of personal data used to steer and control the direction and accessibility of consumer interests, needs and data.

In a scant decade of discovery and development, a realization of the influence these giants have wielded has come to the forefront of public awareness. Freeing individuals and companies from this stranglehold has birthed a new generation of .com businesses focused on eliminating control by the few and emancipating individuals and businesses. Thus, creating a more autonomous business and personal society.

“Today more than ever, organizations understand the importance of digital transformation in cultivating innovation and growth. Working with the right cloud provider(s) can help manage scalability, address security, and reduce costs.

The cloud makes it possible for companies to respond quickly to market changes—while reducing costs, increasing resiliency, and focusing more on innovation and driving growth.”

The Problem – Privacy, Security, Price

A handful of public cloud storage companies hold a decisive share of enterprise data, with Amazon’s AWS IaaS product controlling over 49% of the market. While Amazon and Google tout their market share numbers as an achievement and market the numbers as proof of their validity, many customers have recognized that the numbers are reflective of an unconscious current created in a newly formed, largely unexplored and misunderstood territory of data creation, ownership, and storage. As people have become aware of the sneaky beast created in that previously unknown space, there has been an awakening of customers and providers committed to regaining personal sovereignty on a personal and individual company basis.

“…Aggregating big data in such a way to benefit your own organization or customer’s needs can be tricky. Reliance on the big data ‘giants’ such as Facebook and Google is losing popularity. As a result, more and more businesses have started looking at alternative ways to aggregate their own data and analyze it themselves.

Engaging clients and compensating customers for participating in the new revolution makes a lot of sense for those committed to alternatives and for people interested in weaving a community that honors privacy and security.

“Aggregating data in huge, purpose-built facilities is reversion to the client-server model on a global scale with increased risk of damaging data breach, monopolistic pricing and questions of data ownership. Business managers need alternatives that return control to the customer.”

The Solution – Secure Cloud Provider

“The best advice around backup is to have it in three different places,” says Sean Metcalf, founder and chief technical officer of Trimarc Security, a company in Washington, D.C., that helps organizations secure their Microsoft platforms. The three places are typically a computer, an external hard drive, and a cloud service. You have two broad options for maintaining copies of your files online: cloud backup services and cloud storage services. They are similar but not the same.”

“Cloud computing is gaining wider adoption as the years pass by. It offers a lot of benefits to organizations of all sizes and individuals in terms of scalability, speed, performance, and flexibility. Moving to the cloud has become a necessity post-pandemic and is no longer only a nice thing to have.”

ScPrime is a decentralized mesh network of independent storage providers compensated for dedicating trivial amounts of disk space to create a globally connected “datacenter”. A market mechanism matches desirable provider characteristics with customer needs. Base payments are earned for storing data. Additional incentives are given for providing higher performance, auditability, capacity, geographic availability and more.

Market-based incentives tied to distributed client access remove centralized control. The ScPrime product weaves together strong encryption, data sharding, cryptographic signatures and a publicly auditable blockchain to ensure the highest security and durability of customer data in a self-organizing and highly cost-competitive environment.

Security In Decentralization

A quarter century after the promise of a globally distributed network, a small group of Silicon Valley giants are in control of our connectivity. Instead of open access in a fair competitive environment, the power to grow, create, store, and distribute information data has been largely captured and held hostage.

Companies like Google that are designed to collect, analyze, and sell customer data and are committed to monetizing personal information for advertising campaigns, have given rise to the development of an awakening decentralized community. Intrinsic in our human nature is built a strong desire to individualize cooperative efforts in order to maintain free expression. As a global family, we also recognize the need and benefit of freely connecting in a cooperative community.

Whilst it has taken several years to recognize and address it, the revolution extricating people and business entities from the controlled space of the monopolies of data collection and retrieval is fully activated. Decentralization is a response to infrastructure monopolized by entities who use the regulatory environment to their own profitable advantage and sometimes contrary to the spirit or intention of the rules. Users/providers of a networked “datacenter” are incentivized and empowered to contribute trivial amounts of disc space, creating a globally connected system.

Additional Security Service

Storage proofs prevent a provider from faking or deduplicating data to store something less than the original agreement calls for. Publicly auditable transactions ensure valid proof results from ongoing contract payments. The base code is freely and publicly usable on a nonrestrictive MIT open-source license. SCP intends significant modification to the codebase for the final software stack. While there is no specified compensatory requirement or agreement, SCP supports the ongoing development of the base software through two cryptocurrency grants.

With strong encryption, data sharding, cryptographic signatures and a publicly auditable blockchain, ScPrime ensures the highest security and durability of customer data in a self-organizing and highly cost-competitive environment. This environment has gained traction across the globe and restored power to individuals and companies that value cooperation and independence.

When the grand vision of open source was hijacked by the .com giants, participants were forced to purchase equipment solely from a company owned by the development team. In doing so they orphaned a large inventory of equipment capable of providing decentralized blockchain verification from anyone and anywhere in the world.

In the revolution underway today, ScPrime is helping customers to regain control of their data and securely store and access it without the danger of their information being harvested to feed the giants. Running a provider for passive income should be easy and available to anyone with reasonable internet access. SCP, Corp sells an open-source storage appliance for simplicity and ease of use. Plug it in, turn it on, and watch the income accumulate. It’s that easy.

Encryption Security

Encryption is the key player in the game of cloud storage. The greatest challenge for cloud storage providers is privacy and security of client data whilst populating data on platforms hosted by mostly anonymous and self-interested actors. The average cost of an enterprise data breach is just under $1.5m in an environment companies have complete control over.

The solution is an enforced end-to-end encryption before allowing data onto the network.  Client-side encryption creates unique engineering challenges but is the basis for truly secure and private data that is protected from unauthorized access. This is the goal that participants in the revolution are wanting after all. ScPrime is keeping its eye on the prize—secure storage and access in the decentralized global network.

Connection In A New Decentralized World Of Business

In today’s business world a new level of requirements has arisen for web services that can provide secure storage and decentralized access. A concern that has risen to the top of the list of priorities for a company’s survival is cloud storage and decentralization. The team of developers at ScPrime is committed to offering the best cloud service to ensure a safe environment for their customer’s storage needs.

ScPrime is a sharing economy, decentralized, business-class cloud storage using blockchain smart contracts for security, redundancy and performance. Providing secure, end-to-end client-side encryption, ScPrime inspires a high level of confidence from its customers. With the business environment as it is these days, having the confidence of customers means something more now than ever before.

Consistency In Service and Performance

No person nor business can operate as an island in today’s business environment. Even the most orderly workplace supports a complex web of activities and people that come together to get things done.

Collaboration, connectivity and cooperation are essential to good business and satisfied customers. In SCP-world, thousands of individual facilities are stitched together into a robust, performant distributed data center. Creating a unified connection with and in the network is an artform needed to make business relationships secure and dynamic.

ScPrime is:

  • Secure
  • Always on
  • End-to-end
  • Client-side encryption

ScPrime offers unsurpassed security services so that data breaches after upload are a thing of the past. Durable Performance Data is sliced and distributed for greater durability. As a bonus, it uses less bandwidth. Operating at a lower bandwidth provides an advantage because it solves such problems as higher bandwidth file corruption or stretching the resources of satellite and dial-up systems.

Additional benefits include localized performance and regulatory compliance. Cost efficiency and lowest cost with flat-rate pricing on a higher performance platform provide better service to SCP customers.

Workflow Compatibility

A workflow is a system for managing repetitive processes and tasks which occur in a particular order. They are the mechanism by which people and enterprises accomplish their work, whether manufacturing a product, providing a service, processing information or any other value-generating activity.

ScPrime promises compatibility with easy transition in S3 (Simple Storage Service) workflows. It is necessary that people and processes are interdependent to make workflow efficient and successful.

The Issue Of Compensatory Client Business

Cryptocurrency has created an explosive interest for customers, businesses and investors alike. It is still developing, however, and has proved to be vulnerable and volatile, as well as restrictive. Crypto lock-ups range anywhere from 6-months to 24-months. Most impose the restriction that the holder of the said crypto token cannot liquidate their stake until one year after the completion of the ICO (Initial Coin Offering).

On that shaky ground, the interest in crypto compensation is cautionary and sometimes resisted. At ScPrime customers pay normally, never dealing with cryptocurrency acquisition or custody. “Customers are never exposed to underlying cryptocurrency acquisition or custody, removing a major hurdle to adoption for projects unable to provide mainstream strategies.”

With their simplified compensation, customers more readily get on board and experience the service.

The Innovative Advantage Arising With Cryptocurrency

To preserve the authenticity of a ticket purchased for your favorite band concert, measures are taken to prevent resale and duplication of tickets. There are laws and protections in place to protect currency in every country. No one wants to be stuck with a counterfeit bill. With traditional currency, authentication is required from central banks to prevent double-spending.

In the crypto world, a key innovation of digital currency is cryptographic signature-based ownership. Decentralized currencies use public verification, called consensus on a blockchain. A provider must present storage proofs so that faking or deduplicating data and hindering or devaluing the original agreement do not happen.

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Managing Velocity

Most utility tokens don’t provide a compelling reason for users to hold the token for more than a few seconds. That creates a problem for its value. This is the issue of velocity in cryptocurrency.  Products based on crypto-assets may suffer from a velocity problem limiting coin value and possibly leading to a lack of miners.

Under the consciously designed umbrella of SCP’s decentralized cloud storage, coins purchase storage space over specified time periods. These specified periods are held in a contract process underneath the client software. A storage customer cannot buy and store more coins than needed for storage use.

Valuations remain in line with service provider expectations through velocity sinks. This process removes arbitrary amounts of the supply from circulation. Additionally, there are no purchase, storage or custody issues with cryptocurrency. Customers interact and pay normally with credit cards and purchase orders and storage costs remain constant with automatic price updates on the network.

The ScPrime Corp Service and Storage Revolution

In an ever-evolving, constantly updating world of business, individuals and companies are looking for solutions to maintaining, growing, and strengthening income sources and securing all their data. Let our team of experts and your time and space contribution combine to create the freedom and flexibility you deserve for creating, managing, accessing, and storing all your data and document files. Restore your personal sovereignty and reclaim your productivity in a partnership with ScPrime.

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